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Introducing our exclusive Pink Cherry Sherb Hash Rosin Photo Paper Poster, a true celebration of cannabis artistry and craftsmanship. This poster features the great Pink Cherry Sherb strain, grown to perfection by Beastmode and expertly transformed into Hash Rosin by the skilled hands of Curtis Terps!


Behold the mesmerizing beauty of this hash rosin, extracted from the 1st-4th wash of the Pink Cherry Sherb flower. Gaze upon the creamy, thick an wet hash showcased on this poster, paying homage to the exceptional quality of Pink Cherry Sherb strain. Hang this extraordinary piece of cannabis art on your wall, and marvel at the beauty and potency that cannabis in all its forms can provide.


This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant
• Paper sourced from Japan

Pink Cherry Sherb Hash Rosin Photo Paper Poster