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Forbidden Fruit X Watermelon Zkittlez photographed by Ben Budshot an grown to perfection by Euphoric Grower an bred by Purple City Genetics.


Welcome to Papers.® online shop!


 The premier online shop for cannabis and functional glass photography in the UK. With a deep passion for both subjects, we have dedicated ourselves to curating a collection that showcases their beauty and artistry. As one of the few shops in the UK specialising in this niche, we take pride in offering a carefully selected range of stunning cannabis-inspired art. Explore our shop and discover unique items that will reflect your love for this extraordinary plant.

At Papers., we go beyond being just a shop. We also offer photography and videography services for your canna based items. Our expert team specialises in capturing the beauty of your products, whether it's showcasing the vibrant colours, intricate trichomes or detailed glass. Let us bring your products to life!

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